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5 Indoor Workouts For Winter

5 Indoor Workouts For Winter

Winter is always a challenging season for runners and fitness oriented fellows. Especially if you don’t have a gym membership to rely on. It could be so cold outside in the morning and sun may already set when you get off the work.

No worries, Here is 5 Workout Ideas you can perform indoor at your Home.


Jump Rope

Some people may have thought; jump ropes are only meant for elementary school girls. It is a wrong assumption. On the contrary, its best choice for all people who can jump without any trouble.

When you look at the healthy side of jump rope, Its render the same fitness effect of a cardio machine and burns much fat as a morning jog or evening walk. To exercise jump Rope, you only need a Jumping rope, which is affordable to anybody.


Stair Stepping

Stair Stepping is one of the best workouts you can try at Home. There is no need to have a staircase at home to do this exercise. You can rely on an aerobic stepper to do Stair Stepping.

You can do Stair step workout when you are watching a tv. Just put the stepper in front of the tv, and step up and down while you were watching the primetime and your favourite show. Stair Stepping is not an high-intensity workout; you may even not sweat like the running or other cardio Exercise.


The Plank

All gym goers probably heard of Plank. I bet most of them. Plank is an exercise similar to push-up. Get yourself into the push-up position, But instead of bending your and arm and moving up and down, you have to remain in the same position with your extended arms. You can count the hold time with a stopwatch. Start off with 30 Second and add additional 10 seconds every day.

If you are looking for some Advance level Course, Then use an Exercise Ball to add intensity to your regular planks.



Lunges is a typical exercise that can do from anywhere. You can see the effect of lunges in no time. But it is imperative to do this exercise properly. Otherwise, you will experience sore joints and some unwanted strains on your body parts.

For beginners Lunges the best move to start off. Just keep your upper body and core muscles straight. Pick a point in front of you to fix your eyes, so don't look down. Step forward with one leg, Keeps lowering your hips until your both knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Also, make sure that knee of your front leg is directly above the


Water Bottle Weights

If you are planning to do some Shoulder, arm and back strength training, you can make free weights using your own water bottles.

Just filling up your water bottle with water, milk or anything fluid, then use it as free weight like dumbbell or kettlebell. you can alter the workout to your fitness level by filling the jug or bottle to exact weight that you need. To make your water bottle workout more exciting, increase the level of water a little each time you exercise.ankle, and the other knee doesn't touch the floor. Keep the weight on your heels until you move back to the starting position.

You can add more heat to this workout by using dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells in your hands while you perform the lunges.

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